Vat Tribunals

 Alun Jenkins QC is an expert in Government and Customs and Excise Vat and Fraud work and has been working in this area for the last c. 30 years of his 42 years of practice. Initially he prosecuted many of the heaviest cases. 

Now he is entirely defence based.

Tribunal work is often simply the civil side of the criminal cases and involves the same issues albeit without a jury and often involving a vast amount of money.

These defendants are likely to be third parties who have been on the periphery of a large fraud but not criminally involved. In these circumstances HMCE often attempt to reclaim their losses by claiming on the traders "Guarantee" or insurance or simply from company funds. The sums claimed are enormous and often drive companies into liquidation. An example of such a company would be an innocent logistics agency providing transport not owned or driven by their own employees and would have no knowledge of any diversions etc but nevertheless could be held liable for customs loss.

In many cases of this sort the first port of call by innocent third parties, and peripherally involved defendant companies, will be their own accountant.

AJQC is willing to accommodate direct professional and public access within the normal terms of his practice i.e. in strict compliance with the Bar Council Rules and on the basis that the initial contact and discussion is without charge.

Clients and accountants may find this access attractive with consequent savings of costs to the client by reducing the need for solicitor involvement in many of the cases.



Commenced working for HMCE as prosecuting counsel in 1980’s

Initially on huge drug importations and VAT matters.

In the 1990’s he transferred over to the massive fraud cases commonly known as Carousel and Diversion Fraud and Missing Trader Fraud which had been facilitated by a change in bond regulations in 1993. Those regulation changes caused an upsurge in large scale fraud involving the movement of Wines, Spirits and Tobacco products.

MTIC Fraud involving vat on mobile telephones and computers chips also fell within the remit of his caseload.

He is now completely defence oriented

Most recently defended in Operation Fulcrum which resulted in the defendant being found not guilty and all further cases dropped. The satellite litigation from this case is attached by way of example.


Direct Professional/Public Access

DPA is available for this work within the regulations of the Bar Council



SPEED                                   Immediacy of access

COSTS                                  Bypass solicitors and one layer of professional costs

REPRESENTATION                 tailored to the case, QC alone, QC and junior or junior 

                                            alone according to the needs of the case, hearing, or 

                                            client’s wishes.

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