Alun Jenkins QC., has specialised in complex commercial White Collar Fraud; Corporate & Regulatory Liability; Carousel & MTIC fraud, VAT Evasion and International Currency Transfer & Exchange fraud, Money Changers & Laundering cases throughout the UK and Internationally.

As a junior he was engaged in many exceptionally serious cases including: murders; importations of drugs by boat and air; hostage kidnappings; shootings; unusually, manslaughter with a Hercules aeroplane; commercial white collar fraud; Carousel & MTIC Frauds; VAT evasion, International Currency transfers and exchanges.
Call : 1972
QC:   1996

He is very well tuned-in to the (non)disclosure regime of the serious government cases.
His work has encompassed the international collection of evidence, the laundering of money and the tracing of assets. To this end he was engaged in setting up two courts for the examination of witnesses in Barcelona whilst attempting to trace £168M worth of assets. This international element now also incorporates the International Warrant for Arrest.

He has constantly been in demand by leading defence firms across the country for his knowledge of fraud cases, international aspects of evidence and the tracing of assets.

He has also been involved in the hugely important civil process of VAT Tribunals and other similar fact finding Tribunals where very large sums of money can be in issue by the claimants and the government. Whilst these cases are categorised as civil process the issues and complexities fall squarely within the fraud regime.

He is now on a four year secondment to the Public Defender Service and can be instructed through that body.
He had chambers in London, Bristol and Cardiff but his practice was nationwide and he remains willing to travel to any part of the UK or outside for appropriate cases.
Services :
  • Local, National or International computer to computer video internet consultations
  • Consultations can be arranged at venues of your choice i.e. your offices, chambers or mutually agreed premises
  • Saturday and Sunday consultations available and preferable when he is engaged on court work
  • Acting alone or leading a team of your own chosen professionals
  • Direct Professional/Public Access for initial advisory non-court work (in strict compliance with Bar Council Regulations)
  • No fee for initial exploratory consultation

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