Profile : Alun Jenkins QC

EDUCATION: University of Bristol LLB(Hons) 1971


Alun Jenkins QC, White Collar fraud, Company Director Liability, Corporate Manslaughter, Bribery&Corruption, Health&Safety, FSA Investigations, Regulatory, Vat Tribunals, Carousel & MTIC Fraud, VAT, Money Changers, Money Launderers, Serious Crime, Murder, Manslaughter, Rape, Drugs, Bristol - London, National - International

Called 1972 Lincoln’s Inn

Assistant Recorder 1992

Recorder 2000 – 2011 tickets in Civil and Crime

Head of Chambers 1995

QC 1996

Bencher of Lincolns Inn 2010

Extensive experience in exceptionally serious crime, violent, fraudulent, UK and International, prosecuting and defending as a junior and silk. 
International dimension achieved initially as a junior on the smuggling of drugs being imported by boat from the Caribbean or Mediterranean. 

After taking silk in 1996 visiting Holland, Belgium and Spain on Commissions Rogatoire and appearing in the Courts of Barcelona on money laundering cases.


University of Bristol – LLB(Hons) 1971


We have set out below a selection of cases in which AJQC has been involved but it should not be regarded as complete.  The selection has been subdivided onto the appropriate topic pages so you will find them under the subject matter which most interests you. They are set out below by way of quick reference


Operation Fulcrum R v. d’Angibau 

Tobacco and alcohol diversion fraud. 

Operation Carina

£55,000,000 loss of excise revenue due to a diversion fraud involving the movements of an estimated 550 lorry loads of alcohol which failed to arrive at the stated bonded warehouses of destination. Cross border smuggling of tobacco and alcohol

Operation Scirocco

– tobacco and alcohol fraud involving £168,000,000 lost excise revenue. The 
monies obtained by the defendants in this case were laundered by investments in Spanish holiday resorts and it was also asserted that the monies were the proceeds of illegal diamond exports from Angola. Two courts were set up in Barcelona in the course of this case to trace the monies involved.

Operation Techo

Diversion fraud

Operation Mamba

–£9,000,000 mobile phone importation carousel and missing trader fraud.

R v. Davies

– International tachograph fraud 

R v. Fern

–  carpet fraud 

R v. Shipley

- VAT Fraud

R v. Cox & Strachan

- VAT fraud

Numerous other VAT frauds

Aircharter - 

fraud on holidaymakers advance payments 

R v. Bridge & Rushton

– Birmingham Crown Court  the fraudulent export 

of poor quality whisky through Hong Kong and dipping into  mainland China (to take 

advantage of the “grey” or “Parallel” market) then onwards to Taiwan under the guise 

of high quality whisky

R v. Howley

insurance and development agency fraud 

 £40,000,000 loss of  VAT revenue on a missing trader fraud 

involving computer chips.


R v. Johnson

main London cocaine importer involving "supergrass" evidence

R v Woodage  

importation of drugs through Dover and then to Wiltshire under the cover of the importation of flowers from Holland

Operation Rhythym

- structural alteration of a cargo vessel whilst at anchor in Malta for the purpose of the carriage of a substantial quantity of drugs. She was also Maltese registered. Having been watched for some weeks she was seen to load with drugs and was intercepted by HM Navy and SBS personnel off the coast of Portugal.

R v Huck

– briefed to prosecute a large quantity of drugs being brought up the Bay of Biscay by yacht ready to be discharged at The King Harry Ferry at Falmouth. The vessel was met mid Bay of Biscay by undercover customs officers who took the drugs leaving the Royal Navy to arrest the yachts crew. Thereafter the drugs were taken to meet the shore party who were also arrested.

R v. Gregory

– importation of two large suitcases full of cocaine being imported from Cochabamba, Bolivia.

R v Adiguzel

– importation of heroin by Turkish immigrants into London and then to Bristol

Operation Deride/Yardstick  (R v. Richman)

National Crime Squad – Swindon. Importation of drugs from Holland inside heavy electricity cable reels. The conspiracy was for the large scale weekly supply of drugs via Holland. Undercover Dutch police officers were involved.


R v. Bell

 – Defence –  Maidstone Crown Court. High profile murder involving the killing of a young woman in a car park at Tunbridge Wells after which she was placed in a suitcase and found 2 weeks later still within the car park. Unusual features: The defendant was tried before three separate juries, the first and second of which could not agree. An Abuse of Process application was made in an attempt to stop the third trial. The application was rejected. The Jury convictedon the third trial. The DPP’s discretion to go for a third trial formed the subject of appeal to the Court of Appeal.

R v. Robertson -

the multiple rape of sisters

R v. Buffin and Meadows

        –manslaughter of an 84 year old woman by arson 

R v. Miles Evans

 murder of a child by the step father at Warminster Army base thereafter he placed her in a badger sett which caused much national publicity as the police searched for her body.

R v. O’Neil rape

– briefed to defend 

R v Casey Bowen

briefed to defend murder 

R v. Mills & Poole

–  the murder of a drug dealer by other suppliers within the drug community

R v. White

the attempted murder of a man and woman on an 

insurance fraud. They were tied up doused in petrol and set alight after which the 

car in which they had been placed was pushed over a cliff.

R v. Redhead and another

one defendant cut off his fathers head with a Japanese Samurai sword

R v Latimer

a burglary murder

R v. Warburton


R v Ananthakamarasamy

in double murder involving Tamil gangs in London

R v. Gabriel Taylor

London gang shooting

R v Harrhy


Numerous other murder, attempted murder and rape cases.


Manslaughter the pilot of a Hercules aircraft which had 

collided with a soldier who was performing specialist duties

R v. Brown

– briefed to prosecute the driver of a coach on a day out with elderly persons from Chichester who fell asleep at the wheel causing multiple deaths 

Advising on and Pursuing a civil fraud and corruption case in The Gambia. 

Many of the fraud cases set out involved the movement of the monies obtained into Money Exchanges, arms deals and in at least one case the purchase of diamonds from Angola.

Most importation of drug cases by sea involve the International Law of the Sea and the boarding of vessels whilst on the high seas by HM Navy, SBS and HMCE.


The importation of large volume low cost suites of leather furniture made in China which complied with the US regulations but failed in the UK.

The death of an employee whilst loading vehicles which were badly maintained.

Other Qualifications

Computer literate 

Experienced in the electronic presentation of fraud and other cases with the use 

of computer based images.

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