HMCE Fraud, MTIC, Diversion, Carousel, Vat, Currency Exchanges & Launderers

Alun Jenkins QC is an expert in Government Customs and Excise Vat and Fraud work and has been working in this area for the last c. 25 years of his 38 years of practice. Initially he prosecuted many of the heaviest cases. 

Now he is entirely defence based.


Commenced working for HMCE as prosecuting counsel in 1980.

Initially on huge drug importations and VAT matters.

In the 1990’s he transferred over to the massive fraud cases commonly known as Carousel and Diversion Frauds which had been facilitated by a change in bond regulations in 1993. Those regulation changes caused an upsurge in large scale fraud involving the movement of Wines, Spirits and Tobacco products.

MTIC Fraud involving vat on mobile telephones and computers chips also fell within the remit of his caseload. Missing Trader Intra Community Frauds (MTIC) are effectively fabricated trading companies and structures designed to recover the maximum Vat repayments in the minimum period before the false trader has to disappear for fear of apprehension.

Currency Exchanges and Laundering are part of the picture in the disposal of assets.

AJQC is now completely defence oriented.

Most recently defended in the retrial of Operation Fulcrum an alleged diversion fraud which resulted in the defendant being found not guilty and all further cases dropped. 


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(again the following are merely representative of the work done and do not form a comprehensive list - for further detail please use the enquiry form on the contact page)


Operation Fulcrum R v. d’Angibau 

Tobacco and alcohol diversion fraud. 

Operation Carina

£55,000,000 loss of excise revenue due to a diversion fraud involving the movements of an estimated 550 lorry loads of alcohol which failed to arrive at the stated bonded warehouses of destination. Cross border smuggling of tobacco and alcohol

Operation Scirocco

– tobacco and alcohol fraud involving£168,000,000 lost excise revenue. The 
monies obtained by the defendants in this case were laundered by investments in Spanish holiday resorts and it was also asserted that the monies were the proceeds of illegal diamond exports from Angola. Two courts were set up in Barcelona in the course of this case to trace the monies involved.

Operation Techo

Diversion fraud

Operation Mamba

–£9,000,000 mobile phone importation carousel and missing trader fraud.

R v. Shipley

- VAT Fraud

R v. Cox & Strachan

- VAT fraud

R v. Byrne 
The chemical change of red diesel into white to avoid the appropriate vat duties

Numerous other VAT frauds

Most of the fraud cases set out involved the movement of the monies obtained into Money Exchanges, Arms deals, Holiday Villages and in at least one case the purchase of diamonds from Angola.