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The world of the company director is becoming ever more onerous with criminal liability being visited on him/her from more and more previously unheard of categories of liability. 

Liability extends from the company director's liability for Corporate Manslaughter, HSE Investigation & prosecutions, prohibition & improvement notices, breaches of regulations, product safety/liability.

Add to this further possible financial investigations of the FSA, Business Regulation, Trading Regulations, Environmental Law and Data protection and it is not hard to see why directors sometimes believe that they are besieged by the executive and its demands.

AJQC's experience places him in an outstanding position from which to help, advise and defend those who are alleged to have fallen foul of such regimes.



The importation of large volume low cost suites of leather furniture made in China which complied with the US regulations but failed in the UK.

The death of an employee whilst loading vehicles which were badly maintained.

This heading deserves a few words on its own. Although such acts did exist on the statute book they were pale impressions of the duties imposed under the new act.

The Act of 2010 created a new world for us all. It came into force in April 2011. 

Guidelines have been issued which provides a structure under which business must quietly feel its way forward.
The Act is a substantial upgrade to the already existing UK laws and is expected to become the most comprehensive and stringent anti-bribery legislation in the world today.
In order to become compliant, every organisation will need a well defined compliance program which should include policies, controls, employee training and monitoring and a consistent case management strategy.

Two possible demands are therefore immediately apparent: handling

AJQC can provided help on both.

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