Commercial Fraud, White Collar Crime

Alun Jenkins QC has worked for and against many of the Fraud Squads within the UK and has gained huge personal experience and expertise. He has made the world of fraud his particular expertise

Fraud is a generic term which covers a huge array of circumstances but all requiring detailed and careful understanding. They can extend from insider dealing, Ponzi frauds, Pyramid and insurance fraud to tax frauds of varying sorts. The brilliant mind of man is capable of dreaming up all sorts of fictitious circumstances to cover an unlawful gain. Unfortunately because of that it is possible for innocent parties to be misinterpreted in their pursuit of business and accused of fraudulent behaviour. Distinguishing the one from the other is an art which requires detailed and painstaking care. In this AJQC has shown consumate ability which has resulted in great success.

Please see also HMCE Fraud pages etc.

Set out below are a selection of the cases.

R v. Davies

– International tachograph fraud 

R v. Fern

–  carpet fraud 

Aircharter - 

fraud on holidaymakers via advance payments 

R v. Bridge & Rushton

 the fraudulent export of poor quality whisky through Hong Kong and dipping into  mainland China (to take advantage of the “grey” or “Parallel” market) then onwards to Taiwan under the guise of high quality whisky

R v. Howley

Insurance and Development Agency fraud 

R v Fath 

Inland Revenue self employment certificate fraud

Advising on and Pursuing a civil fraud and corruption case in The Gambia. 

Many of the fraud cases set out involved the movement of the monies obtained into Currency Exchanges, arms deals, foreign holiday villages and in at least one case the purchase of diamonds from Angola.

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